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Rost, S., Frost, D.A., Nowacki, A., Cobden, L., Wavefield distortion imaging of Earth’s deep mantle, accepted for publication in EPSL

Wolf, J., Frost, D.A., Long, M., Garnero, E., Aderoju, A., Creasy, N., Bozdag, E., Observations of mantle seismic anisotropy using array techniques: shear-wave splitting of beamformed SmKS phases, JGR, 2022
doi: 10.1029/2022JB025556

Creasy, N., Bozdag, E., Frost, D.A.. Sources of Body Wave Polarization Anomalies due to Earth’s Coriolis Effect, in revision for GRL

Frost, Daniel A.; Avery, Margaret S.; Buffett, Bruce A.; Chidester, Bethany A.; Deng, Jie; Dorfman, Susannah M.; Li, Zhi; Liu, Lijun; Lv, Mingda; Martin, Joshua F.: Multidisciplinary constraints on the thermal-chemical boundary between Earth’s core and mantle, G3, 2022, 23, 3
Open access online doi: 10.1029/2021GC009764

Frost, Daniel A.
; Romanowicz, Barbara; Lasbleis, Marine; Chandler, Brian: Seismic evidence of slow translation and preferential equatorial growth of the inner core, Nature Geoscience, 2021
Online access doi:10.1038/s41561-021-00761-w
Author’s copy and supplements

Frost, Daniel A.; Romanowicz, Barbara: Effects of upper mantle structure beneath Alaska on core wave absolute and differential measurements: implications for estimates of inner core anisotropy, Phys. Earth. Planet. Int., 2021, 315, 106713
Open access online doi: 10.1016/j.pepi.2021.106713
Author’s copy and supplements

McMahon, Sean; Ivarsson, Magnus; Wacey, David ; Saunders, Martin; Belivanova, Veneta; Muirhead, David; Knoll, Pamela; Steinbock, Oliver; Frost, Daniel A.: Dubiofossils from a Mars-analogue subsurface palaeoenvironment: the limits of biogenicity criteria, 2021, Geobiology
Open access online doi: 10.1111/gbi.12445

Frost, Daniel A.; Romanowicz, Barbara; Roecker, Steve: Upper mantle slab under Alaska: contribution to anomalous core-phase observations on south-Sandwich to Alaska paths, Phys. Earth. Planet. Int., 2020, 299, 106427
doi: 10.1016/j.pepi.2020.106427
Author’s copy and supplements

Frost, Daniel A.; Romanowicz, Barbara: On the orientation of the fast and slow directions of anisotropy, Phys. Earth Planet. Int., 2019, 286, p.101-110
doi: 10.1016/j.pepi.2018.11.006
Author’s copy and supplements

Frost, Daniel A.; Garnero, Edward J.; Rost, Sebastian, Dynamical links between small- and large-scale mantle heterogeneity: seismological evidence, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 2018, 482, p. 135-146
doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.10.058
Author’s copy and supplements

Frost, Daniel A.; Romanowicz, Barbara, Constraints on Inner Core anisotropy using array observations of P´P´, Geophys. Res. Lett., 2017, 40, 21, p. 10,878-10,886
Author’s copy and supplements

Frost, Daniel A.; Rost, Sebastian; Garnero, Edward J.; Li, Mingming; Seismic evidence for Earths crusty deep mantle, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 2017, 470, p. 54-63
Author’s copy

Rader, Erika; Emry, Erica; Schmerr, Nicholas; Menard, Julie; Cheng, Cheng; Yu, Chunquan; Frost, Daniel A. ; Geist; Dennis, Characterization and Petrological Constraints of the Mid-Lithospheric Discontinuity, G-Cubed, 2015
doi: 10.1002/2015GC005943

Rost, Sebastian; Earle, Paul S.; Shearer, Peter M.; Frost, Daniel A. ; Selby, Neil D; Seismic Detections of small-scale heterogeneities in the deep Earth, Springer Monograph, 2015
doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-15627-9_12

Frost, Daniel A.; Rost, Sebastian; The P-wave Boundary of the Large-Low Shear Velocity Province beneath the Pacific, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 2014
Author’s copy and supplements

Frost, Daniel A.; Rost, Sebastian; Selby, Neil D.; Stuart, Graham W., Detection of a tall ridge at the core-mantle boundary from scattered PKP energy, Geophys. J. Int, 2013
Author’s copy

Non peer-reviewed work
Frost, Daniel A.; Romanowicz, Barbara:On the different flavours of seismic reference models

Frost, Daniel Andrew (2014) Seismic observation of the Earth’s small-scale structure. PhD thesis, University of Leeds.


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