Communication and dissemination of science outside of the university is vital to developing enthusiasm for and participation in STEM. I relish the opportunity to educate the public and spread fascination in the community. While at UC Berkeley I’ve supported outreach work at middle school science fairs, the university open day, and at both local and distant schools through the Bay Area Science in Schools and Be A Scientist mentoring programs.

Presenting research to undergraduate students:
I presented my work on inner core structure to physical science undergraduates through UC Berkeley’s Compass program to advertise the range of opportunities in research at the university.



Public lectures on the Earth’s core:
I presented my work on the inner core in 2019 at Popping the Science Bubble, a public science talk held at Berkeley City Library. The number and depth of questions afterwards (not in the video) was amazing. My slides are available here.

At UC Berkeley’s open day, CalDay 2018, I presented on the what we know about the Earth’s core and how we know it. Feel free to use my slides and notes.

(Cover image by Ed Garnero)

At CalDay 2019, I based my talk around a question I was asked during my talk at CalDay 2018, “What materials in the Earth are crystalline?”. I spoke to my recent research on determining the crystal structure of the Earth’s inner core using seismic waves. Again,  feel free to use my slides and please contact me for my notes.

(Cover image by Ed Garnero and then modified)

Explaining earthquakes:
Also on Cal Day I was talking to a family about how we can use a network for Earthquake Early Warning just as a small earthquake conveniently occurred in northern California.

Seismology in schools:
I’ve visited locals schools and Skyped in to a distant school to give lessons on seismology and hazards, active research, and careers in science.


Discussing Seismic Hazard:
I supported the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory’s display at the City of Berkeley Shakeout 2018 to discuss seismic hazards and earthquake preparedness with local residents


The Bay Area Science Festival:
I supported the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory’s display at the Bay Area Science Festival in 2017. With props we introduced the children to earthquake science while speaking to the parents about earthquake preparedness.

In 2018, I volunteered with the Bay Area Science Festival again. With a panel of other Bay Area researchers I explained my investigation into the structure of the inner core to the public.